Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 2-Mile Run / Walk for Dogs and their People !!!

Bedwell Bayfront Park, Menlo Park

Race Start 9:30am, Sunday March 11th 2012, Check-in begins at 9:00am

Registration fee is $40.00 & includes a tee-shirt, Add $5.00 and receive a bandana for your dog!
 All proceeds go to TNT fundraising.
There will be a raffle with great prizes – Tickets will be $5.00 per or $20.00 for five.
Raffle winners will be announced after the run / walk.
Please Register Now!!!

You can either print/scan the form, or fill it out online, then PDF it (using the green 'print to PDF' button at the bottom--note, the 'emailing' function may not work for you--if so, just fill out the form, click the 'PDF' button, THEN send from your computer) and email it to

Payments can be made by cash or check and given to Jennie Berg or Steve Cramer

Can't make the event but still want to support us?
 Donate to Steve Cramer or Jennie Berg by following these links

Bedwell Park, Menlo Park – located off Highway 101 & Marsh Road (Parking is limited so carpooling is encouraged)


About Paws:
Jennie's Story:
This is my third season with Team in Training. I started TNT because I wanted to get into cycling and TNT has a great coaching staff. While training for my first Century Ride, I realized what a great cause I was involved with.  All of the funds raised are used to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives.
Not only was I receiving great coaching and helping to save lives, but I was also meeting the strongest, most inspiring people I've ever had the honor of knowing... the people that our fundraising is helping. I am training along side many of these people. Can you imagine? Being diagnosed with cancer, undergoing treatments, and still having the courage to go out and train and fundraise so that you can help others? These are the unselfish people that inspire me to get my butt out of bed on Saturday morning when it's still dark and cold outside!
I am now training to participate in my second Olympic distance Triathlon event called Lavaman which will take place on April 1, 2012. This contains a 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride, and 6 mile run.
Over the past 3 seasons I have gotten very close to this cause. I have met many people with many different forms of cancer. I have seen people who have just been diagnosed, I have swam, biked, and ran alongside teammates undergoing treatment, and I have had to witness the passing of those close to me and close to my friends. The more we raise, the more research can be done, and the more lives we can save. YOU CAN HELP!!!
Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help find a cure.
Thanks for your support! Go Team!!!

Steve's Story:

I have a mission-to help find cures and more effective treatments for blood cancers. To accomplish that mission, I’m participating in a sports endurance event as a member of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training. Like the other members of TNT, I will be raising funds to help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. I’m improving the quality of my life by participating and with your support, I can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families as well.

"Why", you might ask.

Three years ago, my father lost his battle with multiple myeloma, but there are many more people who are still fighting. I am raising funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) as a participant in their Team In Training program. I'm asking you to help by making a donation, any donation, to my fundraising campaign.

Each donation helps accelerate finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. More than 823,000 Americans are battling these blood cancers. I am hoping that my participation in Team In Training will help bring them hope and support.

All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission, visit

I hope you will visit my web site often.

Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.


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